Brought up on the English Lake District farm that has been in his family for more than 500 years, Will was influenced by his very artistic mother, a fine watercolorist and gardener. He took to photography with his grandmother's Box Brownie as a child in among a life of family farming, forestry and friends. Training and working alongside a professional photographer after college prepared Will for a solo year in Australia where he honed his natural eye on the majestic landscapes of the continent. Fast forward many incarnations and photoshoots later, a new life in Italy quickly made Will realise why so many visual artists had made the same move before him. It really is about the light! For Will it is also about two things; faces and scenery. If it has a face it is interesting and if it naturally fills the eye and elicits a sigh of pleasure, then it merits being photographed.

Will and his sommelier wife Cynthia brought their family to live just north of Rome in 2012. Living just outside the Eternal City has proved to be a great location for opportunities in landscape and portrait photography of all kinds. Will loves immersing himself in an event and capturing the mood as well as the beauty of those around him. Photographing families and especially young people comes naturally to this father of six. Will's laid back nature puts all his subjects at ease and allows him to bring out individual characters without seeming forced. As a wedding photographer he understands the critical importance of his relationship with the bridal couple in producing the story of their day in a way they can cherish for ever. As an interior and still life photographer he enjoys building an understanding of the required result with a client in order to produce the sought-after effect. He enjoys the all important prep time for events, checking details and venues, backgrounds and light angles, making sure all the invaluable shots are recorded without disturbing the flow of the day.

The story continues....

December of 2021 Will and his wife moved from Rome to the centre of wine country in Italy just outside Verona. So all those romantic cities like Venice and the wonderful wine country are within easy reach as well as all the drama of the Dolomites!

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Will Chaplin Photography is happy to talk to you directly and privately, to explore your vision and your hopes for the final product. No conversation is ever wasted, getting to know his subjects is Will's passion. Anche in Italiano!